Spring Woodland Engagement


There's something truly refreshing about Erin + Joshua's Ontario woodland engagement session by Heidi Lau Photography.  It's filled with emotive images, strong compositions, and beautiful light, but what enables all of those things to really stand out is the fact that the session isn't hindered by the use of extraneous props, multiple wardrobe changes, and various locations.  By keeping things simple, Heidi captures the essence of Erin + Joshua's love for one another.  The flow of the shoot, along with the chemistry between the couple and photographer isn't interrupted by changes in attire and location.  And because the session was  shot in a space already brimming with romance and beauty, there's no need to introduce 'props', which often wind up looking like clutter if not integrated with pristine execution and styling.  Ultimately, the images reflect Joshua + Erin's genuine love for one another and their  relaxed relationship with Heidi--and that's what I find to be the most compelling about engagement portraiture.  Vale + Vine has more authentic engagement sessions in the queue and I can't wait to share, especially with the holidays and the engagement season just around the corner!   

Credits // Photography - Heidi Lau Photography / Makeup - Karen Kim Beauty / Location - Ontario, Canada / Film Lab - Caribou Film Lab //