Sunny Coastal Engagement Session


I know we're in the throes of fall, but this shoot is terribly refreshing to me.  The bright light of a summer's day, the gleaming waters of the Pacific Ocean, the rocky shores of Vancouver, (yes, you heard me right, Vancouver) how could one resist.  No overcast skies here, just sheer blue sky beauty captured on film by Brittany Mahood.  

One of the great things about a mid-day, sunshine-filled session is that if it's shot on film (and the images are exposed correctly) the harsh shadows on your subjects' faces lighten and the risk of blown-out, overexposed backgrounds is minimized, leaving post-production frustration at the door.  And who doesn't want to spend more time shooting and less time editing?  More time enjoying the light of day and less time clocking hours in the digital darkroom?  Can I get an 'Amen'?

If your a bride or groom planning a mid-day wedding outdoors where sunshine is a strong probability, hiring a film photographer is going to do you a lot of favours!  Just something to keep in mind as you daydream about your next summer's wedding or engagement session.  For more bright-light film inspiration, check out this scorcher of a destination shoot from Bali featured on Vale + Vine.     

Credits // Photography - Brittany Mahood / Location - Whytecliff Park, Vancouver, British Columbia / Film Lab - The FIND Lab  //