Fresh Heirloom Tablescape Inspiration


Aside from the fact that I love everything about this shoot from the fresh, vibrant produce to the rustic wood cutting board, to the elegant yet understated serving ware and display pieces, what I appreciate most is that there is a strong sense of heritage without any one piece (or the entire ensemble) screaming 'vintage'.  No doilies or old-timey suitcases needed, (definitely fun, but my personal feeling is that the trend has run its course) just a refined heirloom look that could come straight from your grandmother's (or great-grandmother's) china hutch, a local antique store, or any number of boutique shops or big block stores selling a style that is right on point for this season.  It's all quite reminiscent of a time when family, friends, and communities would combine their time-tested skills and passed-down craftsmanship to create something beautiful, unique, and full of sentiment for a couple they love.  What traditional, artisanal skills can your loved ones bring to your wedding that will truly mean something to you?  What timeless pieces could they create that would endure and be used during the course of your marriage?  What sort of temporal day-of elements could they craft that could be admired in the form of a framed photograph for years to come?  The phrase 'it's all in the details', definitely has merit, but in my opinion, only when those details have authentic, heartfelt meaning.  They work best when they're not 'the icing on the cake', but when they represent the relationships and traditions that inspire the marriage at hand.  Just my two cents, but it seems our generation is seeking a revival of the artisanal craftsmanship so commonplace in the past, and I for one, am excited to see the past come alive in fresh, revitalizing ways.  

Credits // Photography + Floral Styling - Lauren Kurc Photography / Cake - Pastry Chef Lily Jackson / Ring Box - The Mrs Box / Ring - Martin Smith from The Perfect Gift / Ribbon - Frou Frou Chic / Stationary - Rifle Paper Co. / Cake Server + Silver Tray - Photographer's family heirlooms / Film - Fuji 400h / Film Lab - Richard Photo Lab //