Wedding Prep with a Bride + Her Maids


Those women you choose to stand by your side as you prepare for your wedding day both in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, and on the day of, are significant.  Ideally, they're your support system throughout the planning process and more importantly, they're your witnesses to the sacred, life-altering vows that you make on your wedding day.  Brides select their bridesmaids for a whole host of reasons--to celebrate lifelong connections or honour family ties for instance.  However, when it comes down to making the final decision I think one of the most important reasons is often overlooked, and that is, which women will challenge you to uphold your vows when the going gets tough?  Which of the women in your life point out truth and rationale when only your heart and emotions seem to be guiding your decisions?  Who offers insight and wisdom when you are seeking clarity?  Whose values and moral compass are aligned with your own and can help point you in the right direction with tough times roll your way?  It's one thing to ensure you have girls by your side to offer fashion and floral advice for your wedding day, but it's an entirely different thing to have a kindred spirit of a friend who will encourage you to seek counsel and advice when your marriage hits the rocks, or listen and empathize with grace and patience when life presents difficult circumstances.  If you can, try and ensure you've got at least one of these kinds of friends standing by your side on your wedding day, because she's they kind of bridesmaid who'll be standing by your side for decades to come.  Many thanks to Britney Gill Photography + Sweetheart Events for this pretty wedding prep shoot celebrating a bride and her maids!  Check out all the other Vancouver vendors listed below!      

Credits // Photography - Britney Gill Photography / Planning + Styling - Sweetheart Events / Florals - Celsia Florist / Ribbon - Stellawolfe / Makeup - Katie Elwood Makeup Assisted by Vanessa Mitchell Makeup / Hair - Jade Kugelman Hair /  Gowns - Bisou Bridal / Jewelry - Cavalier / Calligraphy - Bespoke Decor Rentals / Venue - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver