Laid-Back Rocky Mountain Winter Engagement


Vale + Vine is excited to be featuring more inspiration and imagery from Alberta as of late.  The province is home to some of Canada's most breathtaking (and popular) scenery, so it's no wonder couples are attracted to the jaw-dropping setting of Lake Louise and the surrounding Rocky Mountains for their weddings and engagement sessions.  Whether your preference is relaxed and laid-back or truly opulent, the fine art wedding aesthetic Vale + Vine celebrates can be achieved no matter where you land on the spectrum, and no matter what time of year you select for your photos or big day.  

Here, Jenna Hill Photography captures Ashley + Jordan's engagement on a frozen wintery day in Lake Louise, Alberta.  I love that this couple, who are oh-so-in-love and evidently oh-so-relaxed with Jenna behind the camera, seem to have all of Lake Louise to themselves, surrounded by the majesty of the mountains with not another soul to be seen.  Sometimes that's what the depths of love really feels like--like no one else is there and it's just the two of you.  I love that Jenna was able to capture this both through her photographic compositions and emotional connection with Ashley + Jordan.  For a look at the film footage by Jody Hill Cinema from this shoot, check out the link here.  

For more recent inspiration from the area, take a peek at this winter wedding in Canmore and this summery styled shoot along the Bankhead ruins.     

Lastly, and not to be missed, is Ashley's description of Jordan's international surprise proposal...seriously, you've GOT to read the story of how these two high school sweethearts got engaged!  I'll tuck in her story directly below the images for all those who want to take a read...

Credits // Photography - Jenna Hill Photography + Jody Hill Cinema / Location - Lake Louise, AB / Film Lab - Caribou Lab // 

Ashley + Jordan's Proposal Story:

I always knew Jordan's proposal would be special and full of surprise, but I never could have dreamed of what he had in store for me. It all started one Friday morning, I woke up to get a work-out in before heading to work and as normal Jordan had already left for work. To my surprise while still just barely awake, I noticed a stack of envelopes sitting on the counter. The top envelope was open with a letter sticking out the top that read “Ashley Read Immediately”...and so it all began:

Envelope #1: Without hesitation I pulled the letter out of the envelope, instantly noticing that my passport was included. The letter was from Jordan, of course, and was a beautiful message about how special I was to him.  It had me in tears because I knew what this all meant. The letter explained this weekend was not going to be a normal one and we were going on a trip...destination not revealed...but the weather forecast was included and a listing of suggested items to pack. It should be noted the weather forecast was for beautiful hot weather so I knew we were going far away as it was snowing at home.  I was given specific instructions not to call or message anyone including him, unless of course there was an emergency. Not a single detail was missed; attached was a printed email from my boss explaining it was ok for me to have the day off. The letter ended by telling me I had until 1PM to get packed, at which time a taxi would be arriving to take me to the airport, and to open envelope # 2 at 12:30.

Envelope #2: At 12:30 on the dot I opened the next envelope that included instructions about going to the airport, a few more love notes, cash for the taxi (literally not a detail missed!), and instructions to open the next envelope once inside the airport.  

Envelope #3: Upon entering the airport, I opened the next envelope to find my travel itinerary and a message explaining I was flying to Vegas, along with a note to listen to the new “Our Love Songs” playlist on my iPad.  Instructions directed me to open the next envelope upon arrival in Vegas. During this entire time I had no idea where Jordan was--the suspense of not knowing when I was going to see him and when “it” was going to happen was like nothing I can explain. The next 5 hours of travel time had me on Cloud 9 listening to the playlist he made which included all our favorite songs together from the past 8 years.

Envelope #4: Upon arriving in Vegas I opened the next envelope while waiting for my baggage.  This is when I learned the details of the hotel we were staying at, the Wynn VIP Tower Suites, and was given instructions to take a taxi to the hotel with directions to open the next envelope at Midnight.  Upon arriving at the hotel I was immediately swept away by the elegance and level of service I received. Still not knowing exactly when I would finally get to see Jordan, I headed up to the hotel room. Upon entering the room I saw Jordan, dressed up, standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows with the stunning sunset over the desert mountains in the background. To put it simply I was speechless.  Jordan took my hand and said beautiful, romantic things to me and then asked if I would marry him... I said yes of course!  The rest of the weekend was full of plans & more surprises including a spectacular dinner that night to celebrate.  Envelope #5 revealed tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert the following night. Jordan and I are huge country music fans and have attended countless concerts together over the years. Going to the concert was a perfect way to celebrate.

Thanks for sharing your story with Vale + Vine readers Ashley!  And Jordan, what an amazing job with all the planning and making your bride-to-be feel so incredibly special.