Pacific Northwest Woodland Bridal Portraits


Rainy days, emerald green forests, and lush parklands like these are made all the more exquisite when graced by bridal beauty.  These woodland bridal portraits by Jenni Kupelian are striking, ambient, and beautifully composed.  And can we just talk about the impeccable contrast between this bride's lustrous red locks and the verdant backdrop of the Pacific Northwest?  Another detail for the win--this Forever 21 dress looks positively bridal when incorporated into a well-styled portrait session.  A bridal look need not break the bank if styled and photographed well--even a lavish, couture gown can appear lacklustre unless draped and documented well.  So if jaw-dropping wedding day portraits are of the utmost importance to you, then splurge on these three things:

  1. A photographer who can capture you, the details, and your surroundings in a timeless, artful fashion that will ring true (as opposed to trendy) for decades to come.
  2. The time to engage with your new spouse, the photographer, and your surroundings as it takes more than just 20 minutes to capture the kinds of fine art images featured here on Vale + Vine.  If you can't fit an extended shoot into your wedding day, plan for a bridal session before or after the wedding.  I've never met a couple who regrets this and every time I've done this for my own clients, they've always been so grateful to have time to drink in the experience without the stress of a wedding day agenda.
  3. Styling.  By bringing on a stylist to help you source the details that make up your shoot, (some stylists also double as floral designers so all the better!) adjust your dress, help reapply your lipstick and tuck stray hairs out of the way, arrange your bouquet, etc., you'll help to ensure your images are that much more polished.  Consider eliminating 'Pinterest-style' props and focus on finessing the important details like hair, makeup, wardrobe, and florals.

Interested in more pared down bridal shoots set in stunning locations?  Here are an Oregon coast session and a British Columbia lakeside bridal shoot for you to check out.  


Credits // Photography - Jenni Kupelian / Floral Design + Ribbon - Susanna Luck of Pistils + Stamen / Model - Alexandra Hagel / Dress - Forever 21 / Film Lab - PhotoVision / Location - Milo McIver Park, Estacada, Oregon //