Elegant Urban Garden Bridal Portraits


Sometimes all you need is an urban garden, a couple in love, soft light, and a truly glorious detail that just brings it all together--in this feature it's the eye-catching (but not distracting) blue-grey bow accenting the bride's gown that ties everything together (pun absolutely intended).  And there's something about an urban garden that I just cannot resist.  I think it's the fact that there are boundaries put on nature which create a sense of symmetry and order, but then nature just takes over with vines and tendrils winding their way over stone walls, and branches creating organic, unfettered canopies.  The urban garden reminds me of a strong marriage, with a foundation and structure that offers a space for beauty and life to thrive.  So here's just a little glimpse of the beginning of that life-giving love, thriving in an urban garden.  Enjoy!

Credits // Photography - Martina Wendland / Photography - second shooter - Cari Zhu / Floral Design - Longos / DJ - The Brown Brothers / Ceremony - St. Ann's Church Ancaster / Reception - Liuna Station / Portrait Venue - Whither Historic House //