9 Styling Details Every Fine Art Bride Needs

Image by Wind and River

Image by Wind and River

In addition to gorgeous, unique detail images, there are two big reasons to collect extra items for your photographer to style & document on your wedding day.

Number One: If getting your wedding published is a lingering thought, you will need to have details that make your wedding stand out! It’s not always “more is more” when it comes to preparing for publication. It’s about collecting unique details that feel curated and intentional.

Number Two: Thinking of all the extra details will give your photographer room to do their best styling work. Your photographer will likely bring a few key styling items or backdrops, but bringing your own unique details into the bridal suite will give them a ton of room for creativity!

If you dream of a fine art style wedding, here are the details you should consider:

Flat lay Florals

Having a few blooms or sprigs of greenery that match your wedding florals makes a beautiful difference in any flat lay. It also coordinates any detail photos with the rest of your wedding colour palette. Ask your florist if they can send a few extra blooms and greenery clippings along with the bouquets to the bridal suite to be photographed.


Vintage stamps or stamps from the location of your wedding are a unique detail that add a lot of character to paper suites. Try searching Etsy for stamps that suit your colour scheme or desired aesthetic.


Plant dyed silk ribbon is an essential styling detail for any fine art bride! Whether it be used in your bouquet or as an accessory for any flat lay images, ribbon adds texture and movement to an otherwise very geometric subject like an invitation.


As much as your good friend has offered her DIY lettering skills for your wedding, consider having some or all of your paper goods professionally lettered. If a hand lettered invitation suite is not your style, at least consider a lettered envelope address. It can be surprisingly affordable to have a local professional calligrapher letter a sample envelope front.

Image by  Justine Milton
Image by  Whitney Heard

Image by Whitney Heard


A custom or heirloom ring box is a beautiful addition to any wedding day styling collection. It’s also a great “something borrowed” if someone in your family has a special ring box that has been passed down for generations. No family heirlooms hidden away? We love the classic look of these ring boxes!


In addition to ring boxes, there are many other family heirlooms that suit flat lays. Small prints of your grandparents on their wedding day, your mother’s antique silver handheld mirror, or other special items passed down from generation to generation. The possibilities are endless, but the intent should be to include a meaningful detail on your special day.

Antique Silver Trays

Decorative trays are both a timeless touch and the perfect level backdrop for an invitation suite or boutonnieres.

Images by Martina Wendland

Images by Martina Wendland



When your wedding colour palette can be included in your detail photos, they become cohesive with your full gallery of wedding images. Order an extra set of table linens and keep them with you in the bridal suite as a prop.


Any item that sets the scene, so to speak, can be a beautiful addition to a flat lay. For example, shells collected the morning of your beach ceremony or post cards from the location of your destination wedding. These cues will bring you right back to your wedding day the moment you look at them in your images.

What styling details and accessories would you not forget on your big day? Share your ideas in the comments below.