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Rich Autumnal Wedding Style on Vancouver Island

Let's talk for a moment about impeccable styling, shall we.  This inspirational session photographed on Vancouver Island at the Victoria Golf Club by Kelly Brown, is an exquisite example of what it means to utilize natural light, both indoors and out, to convey mood and capture details.  And the details here are nothing short of autumnal perfection....

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Citrus Inspiration for the Holidays

Growing up in Canada, mandarin oranges, or Christmas oranges as they are affectionately called, were very much a part of my childhood memories.  The pint-sized orbs fit snugly in my little hands the way no massive naval orange ever could.  They came in those small cardboard boxes, (which now house my Christmas ornaments and look positively vintage after all these years!) individually wrapped in pale green tissue paper.  Each orange was like a miniature gift, a treat to be treasured, but only for a moment before it was juicily devoured.  Now as an adult living in California, oranges in a bewildering array of varieties are as common as can be, and yet never fail to bring me delight every Christmas season.  Each year I seek out the perfect mandarin (this year they are California-grown Satsuma Mandarins from Trader Joe's) eating several a day relishing in the memories of my childhood and also boosting the immune system during this time of tidings, great joy, and germs.  

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Contemplative Coastal Inspiration

As a photographer myself, the process of publishing work by other photographers has been fascinating. I'm learning so much through the process of assessing, laying out, and writing about imagery created by other creatives, and I feel like my own work can only be enriched as a result.  Today I have the opportunity to feature photography and florals by Vancouver Island vendors Red Leaf Boutique and Clare Day Flowers, the former whom I've followed for years, and the latter whom I've recently discovered.  Together they have created a contemplative, sculptural shoot, layered with earthen tones and textures, that seem to speak of the last vestiges of autumn and the onset of a season for introspection. 

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