Joy Thigpen's Creative Direction + Styling Workshop


This past fall I attended Joy Thigpen's Creative Direction + Styling Workshop in Serenbe, Georgia.  I had originally heard of Joy several years ago while attending Jose Villa's Mexico workshop and have been following her work ever since.  Joy is one of the wedding industry's most respected wedding stylists and is known for her uncluttered, ethereal aesthetic.  When I finally had the chance to meet Joy and learn from her over the course of several days in the tranquil setting of Serenbe, I discovered that not only did Joy have one of the finest eyes for detail I've ever witnessed, but also one of the most humble spirits I've ever encountered.  Joy's warmth and approachable nature, paired with her insight and experience, means the wealth of knowledge one can unearth while attending one of her workshops is limitless.  Actually, Vale + Vine got its start at Joy's workshop.  During my one-on-one session with Joy on the final morning, I shared my vision for this blog and Joy couldn't have been more encouraging.  She helped me focus on the first steps I needed to take, and I walked straight out of that meeting, sat on a nearby porch, and bought the domain name for this site and began contacting photographers for content.  Two and a half months later, here we are!  

This winter, Joy is offering her Creative Direction + Styling Workshop again at Serenbe.  It's a perfect chance to fine-tune your creative direction and focus your vision for 2015.  To learn more about what each day will cover and how to secure one of 20 spots available, visit Joy's workshop page on her site:   If you have any questions about what my experience was like, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll be happy to respond! 

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Credits // Workshop - Joy Thigpen Creative Direction + Styling / Photography - Jaime Lauren Photography / Film Processing + Scans - Photovision //