Natural Okanagan Bridal Style


One of the things I've been hearing a lot lately is how overwhelming Pinterest and DIY weddings can be.  I hear you loud and clear on that one!  While Pinterest is perfect for inspiration, too much emphasis on details (the kind that are going to feel superfluous and dated only a short time later) can lead brides to feel stressed out and overwhelmed.  Fortunately, the fine art wedding aesthetic that Vale + Vine celebrates, emphasizes organic details found in nature along with those handcrafted details that possess an heirloom quality -- essentially, elements that will photograph beautifully and that also have strong sentimental value or heritage.  

If you're finding yourself planning a wedding and are a bit bogged down by the onslaught of Do-It-Yourself projects available to you, take heart and consider what will be cherished most in 10, 25, 50 years.  Firstly, it'll be the love you as a couple share, and the loved ones you chose to celebrate your commitment with, so make sure your vows and your guest list are carefully crafted and selected.  Secondly, your photos.  They will be the heirloom pieces that last longest and are cherished most, so make sure your find a photographer who is dedicated to producing timeless -- not necessarily trendy -- images.  Make sure you have prints or an album to pass down, because no one is going to want to figure out how to view your old photos on the new media platforms of the future.  Lastly, focus on your location, the light, your wardrobe, and the florals that will make up the content of your bride + groom portraits.  These are the images that are typically printed, framed, and passed down.  Not so with the shots of the monogrammed cocktail napkins, DIY centrepieces, and guestbook signing table.  Keep those details to a minimum and focus on the ones that count, and you'll not only keep the planning stress at bay, you'll value the few important details that much more.

To underscore my point regarding minimal organic and heirloom details, I'm featuring a shoot I photographed this fall back in British Columbia.  I focused on the location (the dramatic cliffs and lakeside where I myself was married),  light (warm late afternoon, or 'golden hour' lighting), wardrobe styling (only slightly unconventional yet utterly romantic, and florals (foraged and unfussy).  I believe it's time to embrace elegant simplicity when it comes to wedding style and planning, and the fine art wedding industry has carved out a niche for brides who love this line of thinking.  It's what I hope to continue showing more of here at Vale + Vine, and I can't wait to see how the fine art wedding aesthetic continues to evolve.          

Credits // Photography + Styling - Jaime Lauren Photography / Florals + Styling - Jenna Hill Photography / Silk Ribbon - Stella Wolfe / Gown - Truvelle / Hair - Emily Jacob / Makeup - Jessie Voss / Model - Jen Proce / Ring Box - Mrs Box / Location - Kalamalka Lake, Vernon, British Columbia / Film Lab - Photovision //