Outdoor Wedding in the Canadian Rockies


There's nothing like the grandeur of the Canadian Rocky Mountains to set the stage for a wedding ceremony imbued with both majesty and serenity.  The space Brandy + Justin chose for their Rocky Mountain nuptials offers minimal distraction  and breathtaking scenery at the same time, something I believe only nature in all her glory can hold in tandem.  I know the world is filled with overwhelming natural beauty, but Canadians are blessed to have it in spades.  With such a small population spread out across the world's second largest country, I'm passionate about inspiring brides to seek out unique, unsung spaces in nature for their wedding day.  It might be tougher to determine logistics, plan for inclement weather, and bring all the pieces together, but isn't that what Canadians do so well?  We're tough, we band together, and we love the great outdoors.  Also, most Canadians live in exceptionally close proximity to natural settings.  

So let's be inspired by the True North, Strong, and Free and bring our most creative gifts to the table.  Let the brides, vendors, and photographers come together to dream up weddings that shake things up a bit and provide more memorable experiences than that which a ballroom or reception hall can offer.  This is my soapbox, can't you tell!  And it's shared by SO many incredible vendors and photographers across the country, including film photographer Jenna Hill and her husband and cinematographer Jody Hill who photographed and shot Justin + Brandy's gorgeous day!  And here's a link to Jody's 16mm film featuring their wedding as well.      

Credits // Photography - Jenna Hill Photography / Cinema - Jody Hill Cinema / Custom Gown - @embracebridal / Location - Delta Lodge at Kananaskis, Alberta / Film Lab - Caribou Film Lab //