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Modern Heirloom Winter Wedding Style

This modern meets heirloom winter wedding in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary elements that turn the eye without distracting the viewer from the romance.  Jael's vintage style gown shimmers against the backdrop of the snow-covered lake and mountains, while her bridesmaids' decidedly non-winter dresses  pop with rich, rustic hues and short hemlines,...

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Tranquil Great Lakes Elopement

Elopements aren't for everyone, but they do offer something every couple can benefit from on their wedding day, and that's the aspect of paring things down so that the essence of a marriage, of a couple's love for one another, isn't lost amidst the details and drama on the big day.  Taking a cue from today's feature on Vale + Vine, I thought I'd share three things each couple can do while planning their wedding, that will help minimize distractions from what matters most....

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