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Coastal Wedding Inspiration for Winter

Whether you're putting final touches on your early winter wedding or planning for a late spring affair in a location where the landscape doesn't burst forth in bright blooms and fresh hues until later in the year, (and let's be honest, plenty of spots in Canada and the Northern United States are just like that) here's a shoot filled with a host of inspiration...

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Oregon Coast Anniversary Session

This morning I have the honour of sharing a shoot by renowned fine art film photographer, Erich McVey, featuring Canadian photographer Jessica Rose, and her husband Daniel, in an anniversary session captured on film along the Oregon Coast.  I first met Erich and his wife Amy while attending Jose Villa's photography workshop in Mexico four years ago, and have since really enjoyed watching Erich's photographic career and creative work take off and inspire a new generation of film photographers, as well as challenge current wedding photographers to push their work to new limits...

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'Wind' Inspired Wedding Shoot

I've been holding onto Brittany Mahood's collection of 'wind' inspired images shot at Erich McVey's Oregon workshop because I knew I wanted to publish them during Vale + Vine's celebration week.  As Vale + Vine marks its 50th post and announces new features coming soon to the blog, I wanted to showcase work by a cross-section of fine art wedding photographers from Canada whose work would inspire both brides and vendors who have a love for the wilderness and incorporating outdoor elements into their wedding day visions....

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