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Tranquil Great Lakes Elopement

Elopements aren't for everyone, but they do offer something every couple can benefit from on their wedding day, and that's the aspect of paring things down so that the essence of a marriage, of a couple's love for one another, isn't lost amidst the details and drama on the big day.  Taking a cue from today's feature on Vale + Vine, I thought I'd share three things each couple can do while planning their wedding, that will help minimize distractions from what matters most....

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Lakeside Beach Wedding Inspiration

Canada is a nation filled with innumerable lakes and vast lengths of ocean coastline, yet when most Canadian brides envision beach weddings, they automatically conjure up visions of tropical destinations brimming with bright florals in punchy hues and all their guests aglow with golden tans.  But let's face it, an exotic destination wedding is not for everyone, and more often than not the floral arrangements wind up being cheesy and the guests burned to a crisp....

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