Saskatchewan Desert Engagement Portraits


When this submission came across my desk I was a bit stunned to learn that it was shot in Saskatchewan.  Now I know the Canadian prairies are more than just flat farm land, (which posesses a beauty all of its own) but I actually hadn't heard of this specific region and was delighted to find that JL Photo and their clients, Steph + Nolan, sought it out as the backdrop to their engagement session.  Julia and Lucas had a few thoughts on this out-of-the-way location and their passion for the Canadian landscape.

"People always think we are crazy when we tell them we made the move from Vancouver to Regina.  British Columbia offers seemingly endless beautiful locations to photograph.  However, we love the challenge of finding the hidden beauty in Saskatchewan.  There are so many under-appreciated locations here, and we feel part of our duty as photographers is to expose that beauty through our images.

The images you will see are taken in the Big Muddy Valley, Saskatchewan.  Located approx. 200km south of Regina, it's not too far of a drive from the city to see such a remarkable scenic area....The desert landscape of the Big Muddy Valley is matched with a prosperous history, rich in stories of outlaws and bandits crossing the border illegally."

I know many photographers are drawn to the West Coast and its popular, dramatic geography and undeniably ethereal light, but like JL Photo, I believe geographical beauty can be found almost anywhere and its worth exploring as a backdrop for couples just like Steph + Nolan.

Credits // Photography - JL Photo / Makeup - Face by Meagan //