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Saskatchewan Desert Engagement Portraits

When this submission came across my desk I was a bit stunned to learn that it was shot in Saskatchewan.  Now I know the Canadian prairies are more than just flat farm land, (which posesses a beauty all of its own) but I actually hadn't heard of this specific region and was delighted to find that JL Photo and their clients, Steph + Nolan, sought it out as the backdrop to their engagement session....

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Unconventional Prairie Wedding

When one's career centres on photographing and staring at weddings all the live long day, sometimes imagery can become...predictable.  In a society saturated with images, it can be easier to copy ideas than it is to harness inspiration and create original content.  I'm not saying every bride has to be a creative tour de force, but there are tools to help one from being overwhelmed by the endless variety of options.

Last month at Joy Thigpen's Creative Direction and Styling workshop, Joy talked about the use of specific words to help determine which ideas would fit into a wedding's overall aesthetic.  She provides clients with a list of words, and from that list the couple picks out ones that resonate with their vision the most.  The list is then whittled down to about 8-10 words.  If an idea doesn't fit within that list of words, it's easily eliminated.  This concept provides the couple with a framework to help them avoid stress and encourage creativity.  Try it yourself or ask your stylist, planner, or photographer if they offer creative direction for weddings.

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