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Late-Season Orchard Wedding Inspiration

Never in my life have I considered how pretty a post-harvest orchard wedding could be after the most of the leaves have fallen to the fertile ground below.  But leave it to Adrian Michael, one of British Columbia's finest fine art film photographers to capture the splendour of a late season orchard shoot...

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Breezy Okanagan Wedding at Summerhill Winery

When Jenna Hill sent me the images from this Summerhill Winery wedding in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, I knew I wanted to hone in on this bride's style and how well it works with the setting.  I love how the bride (also named Jenna) chose a gown that suits strolling through the vineyard--it's rich in detail, but not excessive in fabric.  Jenna's loose, but prettily styled auburn curls are picked up by the breeze and allowed to shimmer in the sunlight.  The floral arrangements are also more loosely gathered as opposed to tightly bound, and feature a range of hues that compliment their surroundings.  This is also true of the colours selected for Jenna's bridesmaids and her groom's attire.  Wade's wedding wardrobe is uncomplicated, (but not casual) and compliments the vineyard's earth tones.  Jenna's bridesmaids' dresses contribute some extra colour to the whole affair, in a hue that pairs well with the landscape.  And of course, I'll state the obvious and say that Jenna's stunning red locks set against a rich palette of verdant greens pack quite a punch.  All nuances captured by a photographer who noticed each of the aspects described above and knew just how to photograph them in a most flattering way.  Jenna Hill worked with the landscape, the breeze, the shifting light, and all of the elements Wade + Jenna so specifically chose, to create stunning fine art images for this couple and their families to cherish.  If you are drawn to any of the elements or artists featured here, scroll through the images to find out where you can find them for yourself or someone you know.

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