Vale + Vine's "Best Of" Series


Photo by Adrian Michael

For busy brides and vendors on the go, Vale + Vine will be offering weekly roundups of some of the best ideas and images featured on the blog.  I'll be going back through the archives and bringing back my favourite gowns, florals, hairstyles etc. for Vale + Vine's 'Best Of' series which will feature once a week on the blog's main page.  If there's a collection of images you're interested in seeing in this weekly highlight reel of sorts, (for example, Top Winter Wedding Ideas or Favourite Spring Florals or Most Unique Wedding Gowns) send your suggestion my way for consideration via email at with the subject line "Best Of Suggestion".  As Vale + Vine's archives grow, I'm looking forward to returning to past favourites and giving them an opportunity to inspire yet again.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's News post where I'll be sharing another new feature coming to Vale + Vine.