Vale + Vine on Pinterest


Photo by Christie Graham Photography

I'll be honest, I enjoy social media, but I had no idea how much I'd be posting aside from my regular blog posts when I started Vale + Vine.  Facebook and Instagram are like my permanent sidekicks these days, and Pinterest is joining the ranks--no Twitter as of yet....  Now when you peruse Vale + Vine's Pinterest page, you'll find daily additions from both the blog and other sources that I believe will appeal to fine art wedding aficionados as well as those who love beautiful imagery.  And not just weddings either.  I mentioned a while back that I believe wedding inspiration can come from a variety of sources, so you'll see a selection of curated nature, travel, fashion, art imagery included on Inspiration Boards that offer ideas for colour palettes, themes, and more.  Just one more way to bring inspiration to brides and vendors alike, and build Vale + Vine's growing community.  Pin away!