Curated Vendor Guide Coming Soon

Photo by Adrian Michael

One of the things Vale + Vine will be offering its readers in the coming months is a curated vendor guide designed to showcase the best wedding vendors across Canada whose work fits with the aesthetic vision emphasized on Vale + Vine.  If you're a bride and enjoy the work seen here, you'll love knowing that the vendors listed in our curated guide are highly reputable and produce some of the best work in the country.  For wedding industry professionals who follow Vale + Vine, the vendor guide will be a perfect place to find other like-minded creatives to collaborate with or refer to your clients.

If you know of a vendor who might be a good fit for Vale + Vine's vendor guide or would like to be considered as a preferred vendor recommended by Vale + Vine, please email with the subject line 'vendor guide'.

At Vale + Vine, one of the goals is to create a community of fine art wedding vendors and as a result, offer brides both inspiration and direct links to those vendors who can provide the services they're seeking.  If you have ideas as to how Vale + Vine can enhance this experience and foster that community better, your suggestions are more than welcome.  Send your ideas to with the subject line 'suggestions'.

Thank you so much for being a part of Vale + Vine's beginnings, I hope you continue to join us and come back for daily inspiration on the blog, industry and blog-related news throughout the week, and of course frequent updates via our Facebook + Instagram feeds.